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Key action 5

Develop an ‘Organisational Change Tool’

Image of project partnersTimescales: September 2007 - May 2008

The 'Organisational Change Tool' will give organisations a clear understanding of the things that need to work together and be supported for them to be able to respond to climate risks. The benchmarking component of the tool will allow organisations to:

a. Recognise, value, consolidate and build on existing strengths
b. Identify and address obvious areas of weakness
c. Identify pragmatic and realistic development steps
d. Gain a better understanding of what exceptional performance might look like (thereby raising aspirations)

This tool will take the form of a matrix with developmental steps within each performance pathway that will help participants visualise and assess what it is they need to do to develop and improve their adaptive capacity. This type of process has already been used to great effect in the field of sustainable development, but as yet has not been transferred to the climate change agenda.


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