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Key action 4

Develop a 'Decision Testing Tree' as a tool for local decision-making and implementation

Image of flooded streets, exhibition stand and the Thames barrierTimescale: September 2007 - May 2008

This action will develop and explore the potential of a 'Decision Testing Tree' as a tool for local decision-making and implementation of adaptation strategies.

The concept of 'Decision Trees' was partially developed in Part I by ESPACE within the context of the management of the Thames Estuary in the UK. Key Action 4 will develop the tool further to complement, support and assist local implementation of adaptation to climate change.

The Decision Tree is a visualisation tool for planners to illustrate the consequences and effectiveness of different flood risk management responses such as flood storage or wall raising, against changes in water level that will occur as the result of climate change. It will be used by planners to help them understand ideas of flexibility, adaptability, robustness, precaution and resilience in long-term decision making.

The second part of Key Action 4 involves developing a stakeholder tool for spatial planners to use in the consultation process. Decision routes or 'pathways' could be constructed to represent decisions a particular stakeholder might like to make in the future. The chosen pathway could then be subjected to climate change and development scenarios to investigate how successful it would be at coping with potential futures. By playing with different decisions and scenarios, stakeholders can see whether their ideal plans are suitable.


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