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The ESPACE Extension Action 1b will provide the baseline for subsequent case studies being developed by other ESPACE partners involved in the extension. It involves:

  • Identifying key local implementation agencies for climate change adaptation
  • Identifying their powers, responsibilities, duties and actions
  • Reviewing which spatial planning policies, processes and mechanisms (related to policy delivery) are hindering those agencies’ ability to deliver local-level adaptation, including:
    • Reviewing policies at the EU, national and regional/provincial levels
    • Reviewing the ESPACE strategy messages to identify policy barriers to climate change adaptation (e.g. lack of long-term planning).

In terms of UK regional policy documents, Acclimatise will review the regional spatial strategies for the South East, London and either the North West or Yorkshire and Humber. The review will examine common policies in these regional plans which are derived from EU or national-level policies, as well as specific regional policies. Acclimatise is unable to review provincial plans from the Netherlands unless they are available in English (which is unlikely). Instead, we will discuss provincial plans with provincial contacts in the Netherlands provided by HCC, VROM or WSRL.

The work will involve close liaison between Acclimatise, Hampshire County Council (HCC), South East England Regional Assembly (SEERA), UK Environment Agency (EA), South East Climate Change Partnership (SECCP), Netherlands Ministry of Spatial Planning and Housing (VROM) and Waterschap Rivierenland (WSRL). It will also involve discussions with other organisations involved in ESPACE Part 1, individuals on the ESPACE Extended Partnership and additional individuals who are heavily engaged in adaptation including:

  • Penny Bramwell, Government Office for London,
  • Alex Nickson, GLA
  • Dougal Driver, Government Office for the South East,
  • Chair of SECCP Planning Group.

The steps in the project are:

  1. A desk-based review of implementation agencies, policies, processes and mechanisms,
  2. A workshop with the core project partners, as detailed below,
  3. Face to face meetings and telephone calls with project partners, as detailed below,
  4. Reporting on the outcomes of steps 1 to 3.

It has been agreed with Hampshire County Council that Acclimatise will not be involved in logistics for travel, meetings and the workshop; instead, these will be undertaken by HCC.

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