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Key action 1

Review experiences of the ESPACE Project (2003-2007) and identify policy barriers to implementation

Timescale: May 2007 – November 2007

This key action will identify the barriers to implementation of adaptation at the local level. This will help to better understand what is needed in terms of co-ordination and management to achieve adaptation to climate change within the spatial planning context. This action is divided into two parts:
The first part will build on ESPACE Part I, and will review the experiences of the ESPACE project to identify the major barriers to the implementation of the ESPACE outputs. This review will provide a baseline understanding of the issues being faced with respect to local implementation of the ESPACE outputs.

The second part of this action is a transnational review of common policies, processes and mechanisms that hinder the implementation of adaptation to climate change by local implementation agencies. The review will involve identifying the key local implementation agencies, their powers, responsibilities, duties and actions. It will then review what policies, processes and mechanisms are hindering those agencies ability to deliver adaptation to climate change at the local level.


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