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Recommendation No.11

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Develop ambitious long-term solutions to address the challenges that climate change poses to existing, unadapted development and other land uses.

  • Recognise that previously developed land may not be suitable for new development in the longer-term as climate risks intensify,

  • Identify existing settlements, infrastructure and other critical assets that are vulnerable to climate risks and devise strategies for relocating them over the longer-term,

  • Provide time-limited planning permission for new developments in locations that may not be sustainable in the longer-term.

    • European Level: Consider time-limited (60 - 100 year) designations under the Habitats and Birds Directives. Include climate risks more explicitly in European funded programmes (e.g. Structural Funds and Common Agricultural Policy.)

    • National Level: Develop legal and fiscal instruments so that retrofitting of adaptation measures to existing development can be achieved.

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