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image of peatland, floods and coastlineThe strategy, 'Planning in a Changing Climate' contains a set of 14 recommendations that are complemented by a series of case studies, tools and examples of policy advice developed by the ESPACE Partnership.

The 14 recommendations are aimed at all levels of governance, including European institutions, national governments and regional and local authorities. The strategy also includes additional messages for specific governance levels where appropriate.

Click on each of the 14 recommendations below to access more information and relevant case studies.


14 key recommendations:


Make climate change adaptation a core objective of spatial planning


Look beyond the lifetime of your plan by understanding your climate risks


Combine change and risk management approaches for integrating adaptation into spatial planning

The three principles outlined above can be implemented as follows:


Ensure an integrated approach to adaptation - both within an organisation and in partnership with others


Review existing plans, policies, directives, regulations, legislation, codes of practice and guidance related to spatial planning


Fund appropriate research on climate risks to inform the spatial planning process at an early stage


Assess the vulnerabilities to, and opportunities from changing climate across all spatial planning policy areas


Identify spatial planning policies and measures to manage the risks identified in the vulnerability analyses


Assess the level of climate adaptation provided by the spatial plan as a whole


Implement the adaptation policies in individual planning/development decisions and explain clearly to stakeholders what the residual climate risks will be


Develop ambitious long-term solutions to address the challenges that climate change poses to existing, unadapted development and other land uses


Foster 'climate adaptation champions'


Politicians must accept that climate change requires long-term perspectives in policy-making - longer than political mandates


Concluding remarks - an ongoing process


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