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image of project partners and map ESPACE is funded by the INTERREG IIIB North West Europe Programme and the ESPACE Partnership. The project has also received support from the Department for Communities and Local Government in the UK.

ESPACE Part I was founded by a group of 10 partners, spanning four North West European countries and bringing together representatives from all levels of civic society:

Hampshire County Council
The Environment Agency
Regionaal Landschap Zenne, Zuun en ZoniŽn
South East Climate Change Partnership
South East England Regional Assembly
Surrey County Council
Waterschap Rivierenland
West Sussex County Council
Ministerie van VROM
Bayerisches Landesamt fŁr Umwelt


Hampshire County Council logoHampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council is actively working towards ensuring that Hampshire and its community are prepared for the impacts, both positive and negative, that climate change has to bring. The County Council is involved in ESPACE at two levels:

  • as the Lead Partner and beneficiary, focussing on managing the Partnership as a whole in terms of finance, project reporting and communications; and
  • as a Partner in the project.

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Environment Agency logoThe Environment Agency

This is the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. As a regulator, it is working towards promoting greenhouse gas reduction and managing adaptation

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Regionaal Landschap Zenne, Zuun en Zoniën logoRegionaal Landschap Zenne, Zuun en Zoniën

Regionaal Landschap Zenne, Zuun en Zoniën is a Belgian voluntary organisation that is responsible for the sustainable development of open spaces through the engagement and involvement of local communities.

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South East Climate Change Partnership logo South East Climate Change Partnership

The Partnership brings together public, private and voluntary sector organisations to investigate, inform and advise on the threats and opportunities arising from the impacts of climate change in south east of England and to promote adaptive planning in the region.

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South East England Regional Assembly logoSouth East England Regional Assembly

The Regional Assembly is the Regional Planning Body for the South East of England. It is responsible for review and monitoring of Regional Planning Guidance, and the preparation of a new Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the region, ensuring that adaptation to climate change is incorporated into the Regional Policy Guidance and Regional Strategy. It also produced first report into the likely effects of climate change in the region.

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Surrey County Council logoSurrey County Council

Surrey County Council is committed to working in Partnership to tackle climate change and were involved in setting up the South East Climate Change Partnership.

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Waterschap Rivierenland logo Waterschap Rivierenland

Waterschap Rivierenland is a water board based in the Netherlands and is responsible for assisting in policy development, water management and flood control.

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West Sussex County Council logoWest Sussex County Council

West Sussex County Council is involved in a number of initiatives, from local to European level, relating to climate change. The council is committed to reducing the impacts of climate change through its part in the ESPACE project.

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Ministerie van VROM logo Ministerie van VROM

The Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment are responsible for policy making and ensuring sustainable development is recognised across the Netherlands.

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Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt logo Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt

The Bavarian Environment Agency (Landesamt für Umwelt – LfU) is the central agency for all issues relating to the protection of the environment, geology and water management in Bavaria, south Germany.

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